Selected Work


Interview and three poems (“The Gown, on the Occasion of the Daughter’s Tenth Birthday,” “The Invitation,” and “Collusion”),  Connotation Press

“Mother’s Foxes,” Radar Poetry 

“Throat-Song” and “Home,” The Boiler 

“Something He Did,” Four Way Review

“Aubade,” Modern Grimmoire (Indigo Ink Press) 

“Child as Pallid Bat in the Attic” and “What to Wear to a Father’s Funeral,” James Dickey Review (Vol. 26, 1-2, Spring 2010)

“The Invention of Childhood” and “Habit,” Beloit Poetry Journal 

“The Swallow,” Drunken Boat 


Review of Christine Garren’s The Piercing, Unmoveable Feast 

Review of John Guzlowski’s The Third Winter of War: Buchenwald, storySouth

Review of Yvonne Murphy’s Aviaries, storySouth

Review of Allison Seay’s To See the Queen, storySouth

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